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Yeoh Jin Leng - Represented by Il Ramo d'Oro
( Malaysia, 1929 - present )

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The Moving Body – Odissi Dance

The Moving Body – Odissi Dance 1

Gopis 6


Bird of fire

Gopi 2


Artist: Yeoh Jin Leng ( Malaysia, 1929 - present ) -More artwork: 1 2 >>next
Main Category: Painting
Genres: Contemporary Asian Art
Biography: Yeoh Jin Leng has long received worlwide recognition as artist and sculptor. Born in and schooled in Ipoh, Malaysia, he completed his education (which included teaching qualifications) at The Chelsea School of Art and Courtauld Institute. HIs work has ben exhibited all over the world and he has received awards and prizes in many countries, including Malaysia, the UK, USA, France, Germany and Japan. He has also represented Malaysia as an artist and cultural ambassador around the world and at UNESCO. His current artistic interest are on themes related to the cosmological and aesthetic foundations of art of an Asian origin. 
Jin Leng continues to travel the world, including visits to San Giovanni d'Asso to see Tina Tung, his daughter, and his grandchildren. It was during a stay in winter 2006/7 that he painted the paintings of music at the pool at Podere Carvagine, which has been adopted for the Music Tuscany Festival and is printed on the front cover of the programme. 

1936/37 Phui Nam Chinese School 
1938-40 Toft English Primary School 
1940-41,45-49 Anderson School, Ipoh 
1950-51 Normal Teacher-Training 
1952-53 Malayan Teachers College, Kirkby, Liverpool 
1957-62 Chelsea School of Art, London - First Malaysian Federal Scholar for Art 
1962/63 Institute of Education, University of London 
1958 Cautauld Institute Course on Renaissance Art 


1950 -51 Probationary-Teacher, Anderson School, Ipoh 
1953 -57 Art Teacher, Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School, Kuala Terengganu 
1963 Act. Education Officer/Acting Headmaster, Sultan Sulaiman 
Secondary School, Kuala Terengganu 
1963 -1968 Lecturer, Art Education, Specialist Teachers’ Training Institute, Cheras, KL 
1969 -83 Senior Lecturer/Head of Art Education Department, STTI, 
Cheras, KL. 
1975 -1983 Chief Examiner, National Art Examinations SRP, SPM, Ministry of Education 
1969 -83 Chairman, Teacher Education Art Examinations Panel for the 27 Teacher-Training Institutions, 
1974 -1983 Chairman, Curricula Development Panel for KBSR, KBS, KBSM and Teacher Education Art Syllabi 
1974 -83 President, Society for Art Education 
1975 -82 Organizer of the National and International Opening of 
Musabaqah(Quran Reading Competition) 
1982 - 84 Founder-Member, Vice-President, Malaysian Artists’ Association 
1983 - 84 Design-Coordinator, Selangor Pewter, KL 
1984 - 94 Dean of Studies, Malaysian Institute of Art, KL 
1985 Member, Financial Council of Malaysian Nature Society 
1989 -91,92-97 Member of the Board of Trustees, 
National Art Gallery 
1989 - 90 Member, National Advisory Council, UNESCO Global Corporation for a Better World 
1989 Regional Council Member for Malaysia, SEAPAC “(INSEA) 


1952 Sir Eric Shipton’s Merit Award. The Outward Bound Mountain School, Eskdale, UK 
1969 Special Prize for Painting, Salon Malaysia 
1969 Tokyo Biennale Prize for Painting 
1970 Guest Artist to Germany 
1970 Guest Artist to U.S.A. 
1972 A.M.N. (Ahli Mangku Negara) Malaysian Government Award for services to Art 
1985 Guest Art Educationist; Study Tour of Major Art Academies and Schools, U.S.A. 
1990 Australian Culture Award 
1990 Guest Artist to France; Study Tour of Major Art and Design Schools Paris 
1992 Minor Prize for Sculpture, Salon Malaysia 
1992 PJC (Pingat Jasa Chemerlang), Terengganu 
1994 K.M.N. (Kesastria Mangku Negara) Malaysian Government Award for services to Art 
1998 Anugerah Kesenian Perak. State’s Award for Art 

Exhibition History: PROJECTS 

1971 Ministry of Education EXPO PENDIDIKAN. Organizer 
1988 Shell Calendar Project. Indigenous Flowers of the Malaysian Rainforests 
1989 Largest Painting Project. UNESCO Global Co-operation for a Better World 
1994 Belum Rainforest Project for International Artists 
1994 Fibre Art Project, National Art Gallery 
1995 Tropical Wood Project. National Art Gallery 


1963 -65 Malaysia Arts Council Art Exhibitions 
1965 Solo Art Exhibition, British Council, KL 
1966 Commonwealth Arts Festival, UK and Ireland 
1967 Malaysian Traveling Art Exhibition to Hamburg, Rome, St. Etienne, Paris 
1967 “Grup’ – 7 Painters, AIA Kuala Lumpur 
1967 Cathay Pacific Traveling Art exhibitions to Asian Capitals 
1969 “Salon Malaysia” National Art Gallery 
1969 Young Contemporaries Biennale, Tokyo 
1969 Malaysian Art Exhibition to Sao Paolo Biennale 
1972 ISPPA, Osaka, Japan 
1975 “Abstract Expressionists of the 60’s”. National Art Gallery 
1976 United World College Art Exhibition Singapore 
1965 Australian Waratah Spring Festival Group Exhibition 
1978 Indian Trienale 
1978 ASEAN Art Exhibition-Singapore Arts Festival 
1979 “Kraf 79” Exhibition, MIDLF Complex, KL 
1980 Singapore Arts Festival 
1984 “Two Malaysian Potters”, British Council Hall, KL 
1981 “Pameran Perdana” Malaysian Artists’ Association Exhibition, University of Malaya 
1982 “Ketara”, Malaysian Artists’ Association Exhibition to Penang 
1982 “Titian”, Malaysian Artists’ Exhibition to Singapore 
1984 Open Show, National Art Gallery, KL 
1982 Invitation Show, National Art Gallery, KL 
1982 Gallery 11 Invitation Show, KL 
1984 Open Show, National Art Gallery 
1984 Two Friends, Jinleng/Khalil, Australian High Commission 
1985 7 Malaysian Artists’ Exhibition, Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan 
1985 Endau-Rompin Malaysian Heritage Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, KL 
1985 ASPACAE International Art Exhibition, On Tai gallery, KL 
1986 Million Minute Peace Exhibition, KL 
1986 Contemporary British Malaysia Art Exhibition “Side-by-Side”, National Art Gallery 
1988 1st Asian Art Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan 
1989 “Clay as an Expressive Medium”, National Art Gallery 
1990 “Art Fest Terengganu” – 11 Malaysian Artists 
1990 “Clay, Cloth and Wood” British/Malaysian Artists’ Exhibition, National Art Gallery 
1990 Malaysian Art Traveling Exhibition to 4 German Cities 
1991 5th Asian Art Exhibition, National Art gallery, KL 
1991 “Malaysian Art – Soal Identiti”, National Art Gallery KL 
1991/92 Salon Malaysia National Art Gallery 
1992 “Asean Selections” Singapore 
1992 “Earthscapes” Wan gallery, KL 
1992 “Clayworks”, Group Show. Isetan 
1993 “Bottle Icons” Ceramic Show, Taman Hillview 
1994 “Malaysian Experience”: Belum Rainforest Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery 
1996 Retrospective Exhibition, Jinleng, Art and Thoughts 1952 -1995, National Art Gallery 
1997 “Trapped”. Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Wan Gallery, KL 
1998 Pekan Seni Perak, Ipoh 
2000 “Transformations” 6 Malaysian Artists, Sculpture Square, Singapore 
2000 “Dance of the Apsaras” Exhibition of Sculpture, NN Gallery, KL 
2003 “Baptism of Fire”. Ordeal of Fire of Sita of the Ramayana, Sutra , KL 
2004 “The Moving Body”. Exhibition of drawings inspired by the Odissi and Bharata Natyam, Sutra, KL 
2006 “My Pride and Joy”. Exhibition of Ceremonial Textiles from the region. Jinleng’s collection. 
2007 “A Path and a Meeting” Rasa Leela paintings. SYMBOLS, 
House of the Arts, KL 
2007 “Ten Years On – A Review” Jinleng’s Mini Post-Retrospective Exhibition 1997 – 2007, NN Gallery, KL 
2008 “Stirring Odissi” International Oddisi Festival Art Exhibition, Petronas Art gallery 
2008 Perak Artists Art Exhibition, Galeri Chandan, KL 
2008 Life-Drawings from Chelsea Days 1958 – 62 Jinleng. NN Gallery,KL 

Collections: National Art Gallery 
Singapore Art Museum 
National University Singapore Art Museum 
University Science Penang Art Museum 
Art Museum Alor Star, Malaysia 
Herbert F. Johnson Art Museum, Cornel, Ithaca, US. 
Private collections 

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