Saturday, May 10, 2008

Watching People Watching Performance

It has been a while since I watch the last theatre performance in KL. The last one being the Patung-patung Kertas "Paper Dolls" quite cleverly translated, though there's an original musical called Paper Dolls in Broadway. Then that was watching people performing the UMRAH, tawaf around Kaabah and Sai. That was indescribable! Though managed to watch and do twice, it is always calling to come for more, insyallah!. In Dubai, the works at Arabiah Travel Market was just enormous, different countries doing their performances including UAE, Tango from Argentina and also Malaysia's Trully Asia dances by Istana Budaya. We can talk a lot about that from various perspectives, economy, polutic or culturally, though some old fashion professor at the so called premier university was reluctant to acknowledge such knowledge, while people in US and UK have done it for few years, just because the lack of knowledge. Well, that's what happened when you don't update yourself with knowledge and too arrogant to accept other knowledge other than yours. So, open up! open up!

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